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1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most

2. Make them answer the following questions

3. Then tag three people.


Characters: Maggie, Itward, Carmon, Giratina, Mary, and Dialga


1) How Old Are You?

Maggie: 24

Itward: 18

Carmon: 23

Giratina: I don't know

Mary: 22...

Dialga: I don't know either. we both lost track

2) Height?

Maggie: just 5 feet

Itward: 5'12

Carmon: 5'3

Giratina: 6'3

Mary: Same as Maggie....

Dialga: 5'9 

3) You Got Any Bad Habits??

Maggie: sleeping.

Dialga: Sleeping isn't a bad habit.

Maggie: It is if you're doing it the way I do it.

Dialga: what?

4) You a virgin?

Giratina: *narrows eyes* why you ask?

5) Who's your Mate/Spouse?

Maggie: Don't have one yet.

Itward: i'm sure you'll get one.

Maggie: thanks.

Itward: Don't mention it. anyway. Mine is Jessica

Carmon: Sakura

Giratina: Mikey obviously

Mary: False gold....

Dialga: Virizion.

6) Have Any Kids?

Maggie: nope. I don't even have a mate

Itward: no but we're expecting one soon.

Dialga: really?

Giratina: why did you say?

Itward: I...wasn't suppose to. Jess told me not to say until later on.

Giratina: *facepalm*

Carmon: anyway uhh no. we're not married yet.

Giratina: yeah. Ztar, Star, and Wyatt.

Mary: Yes...Just Rin

Dialga: no but I really want one.

Giratina: we know that.

Dialga: shut up!

7) Favorite Food?

Maggie: Grill cheese sandwiches.

Giratina: wow so does Ztar.

Maggie: good to know we have a grill cheese sandwich fan

Itward: Pizza!

Carmon: Ramen

Giratina: Chocolate Strawberries

Mary: I don't know.

Dialga: Jello and Oran berries.

Giratina: Jello? since when did you start eating jello!? 

8) Favorite Ice Cream flavor?

Maggie: Chocolate

Itward: I guess mint with oreo cookies

Carmon: Banana Split

Giratina: Chocolate strawberry swirl

Dialga: my Arceus you sure love Chocolate and strawberries.

Giratina: whats wrong with that?

Mary: Mint...I guess

Dialga: blueberry

9) Killed anyone?

Giratina: ....In my insanity form probably

Dialga: Yeah he did.

Giratina: what?

Dialga: next question!

10) Hate anyone?

Giratina, Dialga, and Mary: Portia

Itward: who?

Giratina: don't ask

11) Any Secrets?

Giratina: It wouldn't be a secret if we told you.

12) Love Anyone?

Maggie: not yet like I said before.

Itward: Jessica. we did got married not to long ago

Carmon: Sakura of course

Giratina: Mikey duh.

Mary: False gold...

Dialga: Virizion

13) TACOS?

Maggie: sure.

14) Ever slept in All day?

Maggie: I have once.

Carmon: really?

Maggie: and thats why sleeping is a bad habit for me.

Dialga: oh. 

Giratina: *facepalm*

15) Eye colors?

Giratina, Mary, and Dialga: Red

Maggie: light blue

Itward: yellow

Carmon: pink

16) Skin?

Dialga: *shrugs* we all have pale skin so...

17) Fat/Average/Slim?.

Giratina: Average

Dialga: slim

Maggie: fat. And I don't mind.

Giratina: really?

Maggie: I have the guts to be myself.

Giratina: true

Carmon: slim still.

Itward: Average

Mary: Average....

18) Rain, sunshine?

Giratina: rain.

Dialga: You allows go out in the rain.

Giratina: whats wrong with that. it feels nice.

Dialga: ok...sunshine

Itward: sunshine too

Maggie: both

Carmon: I like the rain

Giratina: you're a water type. Of course you do.

Carmon: You're not a water type and you like the rain.

Giratina: point taken.

Mary: ....Sunshine

19) Pool, Beach?

Giratina: Pool.

Dialga: beach.

Maggie: I guess the beach. I can nap there

Giratina: why am I not surprised?

Carmon: both.

Mary: I like both...

Itward: Neither.

Carmon: why?

Itward: I can't swim.

Carmon: You can play on the sand at the beach.

Itward: oh. ok Beach then.

20) Camping, staying home?

All: both

21) Dog, Cat?

Giratina: Cats

Itward: dogs

Dialga: both.

Maggie: same here with Dialga. especially Kittens and Puppys

Carmon: uhhh. actually I prefer rabbits.

Giratina: *smirks* I wonder why.

Carmon: *blushing* Hey!

Dialga: I like rabbits too

Mary: I guess both..

22) Believe in aliens? 

Itward: any reason why we should. It'll be cool though.

23) Natural Born, or Clone?

All: Natural Born

24) Car or Ship..? 

All: neither.

Dialga: most of us can fly anyway

25) Ever destroyed something out of Blind Rage?

Giratina: yeah.

Dialga: mostly because of your insanity.

Giratina: ain't that obvious?

26) Any Unusual Things about you?

Maggie: *shrugs* not that I know of.

Itward: same here.

Mary: mhm...

Carmon: other then my scar yeah.

Dialga: same here

Giratina: ok next question

27) How much food/drink do you need a day?

All: It depends

28) Favorite Place?

Maggie: Up in the trees. I usually take my naps there.

Giratina: just be careful when False gold is around. 

Maggie: hey thats how I met him.

Giratina: oh. ok...

Itward: *shrugs* a pizza place

Giratina: an empty area in a forest.

Dialga: Why?

Giratina: its a place where I can go to be alone.

Dialga: ok. mine is a plain field

Mary: Anywhere...with False fine.

Carmon: I guess a pond.


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:library: these are reason why I don't go to the library.

:nuu: Giratina's insanity is on!

:onfire: Dialga Acciently use Flamethower on someone.

:pray: i'm in Church

:reading: thats Giratina when he was little

:shh: Don't wake the kids up

:sick: Giratina used Icy wind on me by mistake

:sing: Kagome kagome

:squee: Palkia had too much Ice cream

:stab: this is why we don't lend False gold a knife

:tantrum: Ztar needs a nap

:tears: don't let Pocky hear a sad song

;p hehe

:wave: Star's saying Hi

:sprint: Giratina's ticked

:phonecall: I'm talking to Ami

:rofl: Ztar's Chasing Metagross

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